Shabbat is the day of rest. It begins at sundown on Fridays and ends when you can see three stars in the sky on Saturday night (count ‘em!). On Shabbat, we stop working. We spend time noshing and gabbing with family and friends. And we reflect.

What’s Pop-Up Shabbat?
Pop-Up Shabbat is a pop-up restaurant inspired by Jewish culture and tradition.

Right now, it’s just in NYC (Red Hook, baby!). It happens every other month or so. It’s a 3-4 hour affair, including slightly socially engineered mingling, family-style dining, music (sometimes dancing, yes), and a bit of Shabbat tradition. We cap the event at 40ish to maintain that down home vibe, and we start on time!

Can non-Jews attend?
Yes! If New Yorkers can claim Chinese food and pizza as their go-tos, so too can you become a Shabbat dinner fan. Pop-Up Shabbat is rooted in Jewish values & rituals, like community and unplugging, which anyone can enjoy.

In fact, our very own co-founders, Andrew and Melissa, are goy and shikse extraordinaire. They love food and a strong sense of community just as much as the next yid.

Check out A Non-Jew’s Guide to Pop-Up Shabbat by Elizabeth Stilwell.

Do you accommodate food allergies and dining preferences?
Everything at Pop-Up Shabbat is served family-style. There are no individually plated dishes. When we announce events, we publish our entire menu. If you have specific questions about the meal, please email us at We’ll do our best to answer your questions and we’ll try to work around your restrictions, if possible.

Is Pop-Up Shabbat kosher?
Not quite. Let’s call it “kosher style-ish.” We don’t serve pork. We do mix meat and milk (mmm, butter) and we get most of our meet from Fleisher’s, a butcher with a Jewish soul and an indiscriminate palette (read: not kosher).

To read more about pork and Jewish identity (note: it’s complicated), read our buddy Jeff Yoskowitz’s Pork Memoirs.

How old do I have to be to attend Pop-Up Shabbat?
Bare minimum, 21. Pop-Up Shabbat is open bar. The crowd typically ranges from mid-20s to 40s, but we’ve had our fair share of mature 24-year-olds and quirky 60-something parents.

Are my tickets refundable?
Nope, sorry. Due to the limited seating at Pop-Up Shabbat dinners and the advance planning we do, we count on your ticket prices to just barely cover our costs. If you find you can no longer make it (we know, you’re super bummed), we’d be happy to try and find a replacement for you (but no promises!).

Can I pay at the door?
Nope - that’s crashing! We’ve got 40 seats, fair and square. Get ‘em while you can.

Oh nooooo! The next Pop-Up Shabbat is sold out! Do you have a waitlist?
We don’t have a formal, tech-enabled waitlist. But you can email us at to indicate your burning desire to join us for a lovely Shabbat meal. If seats become available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

I’ve got my selfies taken care of, but I’ve seen those great photos on your website & social media. Do you take photos of everyone at your events?
We’re lucky to have talented folks like Adam Thompson and Red Tread Studios snapping photos of our food & friends at Pop-Up Shabbat. We post these photos on our website, on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / our blog, and in the press. We’ll tag you (and you can untag yourself!).

Can we commission a Pop-Up Shabbat?
What do you have in mind? Email us with your idea at  

Please include the following details about the event in your note:

  • date or date ranges

  • location

  • purpose / goal (i.e., fundraiser, private party)

  • dietary restrictions / preferences

When’s Pop-Up Shabbat coming to my city?
Hang tight! We’ll be popping up in your city soon.

Let us know where we should head next.