I've read Macbeth in Hebrew at Jewish day school, made out with a Jewfro-ed counselor-in-training in the red gazebo at Jewish summer camp, and sung Shabbat songs around the piano with my Zionist mother. You can be sure I'll at least give my children Israeli names.

I made the pilgrimage to the Lower East Side of NYC after college (my Brooklyn-born grandmother: "But we used to buy furniture there!"). I joined the board of a Jewish non-profit and I tried out hippie synagogues in Park Slope and matchmaking ones on the Upper West Side. But I loved my potluck Shabbat dinners the most. Friends, food, fun.

Pop-Up Shabbat is about comparing bar mitzvah stories over a glass of non-Manischewitz. Or maybe you're a goy-ish illustration designer who simply has a penchant for tasty matzoh balls. Either way, we've saved you a seat.

- Danya Shults, Pop-Up Shabbat Co-Founder

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